GrowHow for growth companies. 

Build a credible presence, get funded, and capitalize on M&A opportunities.


What we do?

KWAKwak is growhow for growth companies. For founders, by founders.

We've built international companies, raised millions $€£, exited businesses, rang NASDAQ bells and helped our friends and clients grow.  

  • Storybuilding - You need a good story to tell customers & investors. We will make your company look investment grade presentable; Redo and sharpen your company's story including developing your business case, deck & materials, PR, Business Social Media including LinkedIN, and investor materials.
  • Growth capital fundraising - We'll get you investors, government cash and/or other resources.
  • Startup M&A - Think big. We match growth companies with big companies and vice versa; We play the roles of the dealmaker, negotiator, opportunity finder, and identifier of alternatives to 'normal investments'. 
  • Outsourced 'Biz Co-Founder' - Got a product but missing the 'business co-founder' skillsets? We are the alternative to that person.
  • Digitalizing Big Business - Related to Startup M&A, we work with big companies to digitalize their cash cow by helping them find M&A targets and advising them on a digitalization strategy.

What are they saying?

We have raised millions collaborating with KWAKwak. They also played a key role in M&A activities including acquisition of Norway’s Wipe.
— Sebastian Heinrichs, CoFounder & CEO of Freska - The leading and fastest growing home services technology company in the Nordics
Our tech startup eMedi Innovations Ltd, known for the Finnish healthcare price comparison service Lääkä, was sold to Nordic healthcare benefits market leader Palvelutili Ltd, subsidiary of The Orange Company. KWAKwak’s facilitator skills and depth of M&A knowledge played a key role in the process. This unique grasp of startups & corporations alike helped bridge the acquisition together successfully.
— Alec Hellström, CoFounder of eMedi Innovations Oy (acquired)

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